The System-Level Architecture and Modeling (SLAM) group is concerned with system-level design of resource-constrained and application-/domain-specific embedded, high-performance and edge computing systems. Research in the lab spans from novel hardware/software fabrics and System-on-Chip (SoC) architectures to system-level design automation methods and tools, with a special emphasis on underlying system modeling foundations.

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Active Research Projects

Predictive Modeling for Next-Generation Heterogeneous Computer System Design

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Accelerator-Rich, Heterogeneous Multi-Core Architectures

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Network-Level Design of Cyber-Physical Networks-of-Systems

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Graduate Students

Alexander Cathis
Ph.D. Student
Dimitrios Gourounas
Master's/Ph.D. Student
James Boyle
Master's/Ph.D. Student
Daniel Peralta Velazquez
Master's/Ph.D. Student
Madison Threadgill
Master's/Ph.D. Student
Jason Ho
Master's/Ph.D. Student
Pranav Rama
Pranav Rama
Master's Student

Ph.D. Alumni

Kishore Punniyamurthy 2021, AMD Research, Austin, TX
Mochamad Asri 2020, Facebook (FRL), Menlo Park, CA
Zhuoran Zhao 2019, Facebook, Menlo Park, CA
Wooseok Lee 2019, Samsung Architecture Research Center (SARC), Austin, TX
Seogoo Lee 2017, Cadence, Pittsburgh, PA
Xinnian Zheng 2017, co-supervised with Prof. John, NVIDIA, Austin, TX
Dongwook Lee 2017, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
Jin Miao 2014, co-supervised with Prof. Orshansky, Cadence, San Jose, CA
Parisa Razaghi 2014, Cadence, San Jose, CA
Dylan Pfeifer 2014, co-supervised with Prof. Valvano, Intel, Austin, TX
Ardavan Pedram 2013, co-supervised with Prof. van de Geijn), post-doc at Stanford
Ku He 2012, co-supervised with Prof. Orshansky, Cirrus Logic, Austin, TX
Ahmed Abdel Hadi 2011, co-supervised with Prof. Vishwanath, post-doc at Virginia Tech

Master's Alumni

Jackson Farley 2021, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX
Ajay Krishna Ananda Kumar 2020, Apple, Cupertino, CA
Malek Srour 2018, Apple, Cupertino, CA
Abhishek Das 2016, Ph.D. at UT Austin
Sabine Francis 2015, Intel, Austin, TX
Wenxiao Yu 2015, Salesforce, San Francisco, CA
Ashmita Sinha 2012, Intel, Austin, TX
Manan Kathuria 2012, Intel Mobile Communications, NJ
Suhas Chakravarty 2012, Freescale, India
Arindam Goswami 2011, National Instruments, Austin, TX
Pablo Salinas Bomfim 2010, Digital Development S.A., Paraguay