Source-Level Simulation and Host-Compiled Modeling

Project Overview

Simulations remain one of the primary mechanisms for early validation and exploration of software-intensive systems with complex, dynamic multi-core and multi-processor interactions. With traditional virtual platforms becoming too inaccurate or slow, we are investigating alternative, fast yet accurate source-level and host-compiled simulation approaches. In such models, fast functional source code is back-annotated with statically estimated target metrics and natively compiled and executed on a simulation host. So-called host-compiled models extend pure source-level approaches by wrapping back-annotated code into lightweight models of operating systems and processors that can be further integrated into standard, SystemC-based transaction-level modeling (TLM) backplanes for co-simulation with other system components.

Selected Publications


Zhuoran Zhao
2019, Facebook, Menlo Park, CA
Parisa Razaghi P
Parisa Razaghi
2014, Cadence, San Jose, CA